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Current Projects and Testimonials


Anna, HR Manager
Seattle, WA

"Dr. Rosenbaum's engaging training style helped our group better appreciate the importance of addressing mental health at work. I left feeling inspired that I could support colleagues who may be struggling. Everyone needs this kind of mental health 101 knowledge. 

Marcus, Health Educator
Nashville, TN

This training experience was the best I have ever had. Lacey was knowledgeable and encouraging. She gets the challenges of addressing mental health in school and communities and offers realistic strategies.

Aria, PhD Student
Washington DC

Dr. Rosenbaum is so passionate about mental health awareness and reducing the stigma of talking  I learned so much from her in my Global Mental Health class.

Current and past projects include:

• Serving as an advisor and subject matter expert to a large global firm (40k employees) on how to reduce stigma, promote a psychologically safe work environment, increase access to mental health support for all employees, and provide learning programs so all employees have mental health literacy and know how to get help for colleagues and themselves.
• Providing strategic consulting for workplace HR professionals on how to promote employee wellbeing and resilience.
• Evaluating a mental health training program to assess the impact on student learning and behavior in US schools.
• Creating a suicide assessment and management curriculum for a university’s psychology graduate students.
• Developing and facilitating professional development training on mental health promotion from a social-ecological perspective.
• Designing and facilitating a learning community for educators across the state of New Jersey on health equity and culturally responsive and trauma-informed facilitation of mental health education and supports.
• Strategic planning for a mental health organization focused on increasing mental health literacy and access to services for young people across the country.

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