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Training Development

Training development and instructional design services are available to create custom training for a specific audience or to improve current mental health-related curricula and training programs. Learn more about sample training topics and the development process below.  

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Sample Training Topics

  • Mental health literacy

  • Social and emotional learning

  • Suicide prevention

  • Helping friends with a mental health challenge or crisis

  • Talking to kids about mental health

  • Suicide assessment and management for mental health professionals

  • Self-care and community care

  • Managing stress and preventing burnout

  • Resilience promotion

  • Mental Health Advocacy

  • Trauma-informed teaching

  • Creating safe and supportive learning environments

  • Building culturally responsive and inclusive environments.

  • Trauma-informed and resilience promoting classrooms

  • Trauma-informed and resilience promoting workplaces

  • Mental Health and Resilience 101 for Target Audience

What is the process?


Training can be developed for specific audiences included parents/caregivers, educators, administrators, mental health professionals, employees, or students, and are applicable to a variety of settings including K-12, higher education, not-for-profit organizations, and corporate settings. The group can support the design and development of integrated learning plans, evaluation of learning, and outcomes of the learning experience. Services can also include end-to-end training development from a needs assessment to the development of final training products and course evaluation. The group can also provide individual services such as creative instructional strategies, strengthening adult learning theory strategies, developing content with subject matter experts, developing train-the-trainer materials, and providing in-depth instruction on facilitating the curriculum.


Work Samples

Examples of training that Dr. Rosenbaum has developed include the teen Mental Health First Aid Course, the updated Youth Mental Health First Aid course, and the updated American Psychological Association’s Respect Workshop. See more about each program below.

teen Mental Health First Aid

The Respect Workshop: Preventing Health Risks and Promoting Healthy Outcomes for LGBTQ+ Youth

Youth Mental Health First Aid

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