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Workplace Wellness Consulting

Employee stress is at an all-time high leaving many at risk of burnout. 62 percent of women and 52 percent of men report feeling daily stress during the previous workday according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report. More companies recognize the valuable role mental health promotion in the workplace is for employee wellbeing, engagement, productivity, and retention. Yet only 1 in 3 American workers say they feel engaged at work (Gallup, 2020).  Is your company doing enough to support staff?

In a Meeting

Is your company doing enough to support your staff? Let us help you assess your employee needs and recommend training, services, and benefits to improve your mental wellbeing and engagement initiatives. Services can include the recommendation for existing workplace wellbeing training or the development of custom training products on topics such as:

  • Burnout prevention

  • Stress reduction

  • Self-care and workplace community care

  • Mental health 101

  • Resilience promotion

  • Suicide prevention

The group can also create a key stakeholders engagement process to ensure employees, are invested in the program from the beginning. The Mental Health & Resilience Group can also develop an implementation road map to help you identify each step of the implementation process.



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