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Subject Matter Expertise and TA

Need help with a report, grant proposal, addressing a mental health-focused challenge in your community, school, or organization?   Do you have a specific project that you want to incorporate mental health expertise?  Do you need some specific coaching or resources?  Reach out for support!  We are always open to new projects and challenges.  See areas of expertise below.

Circular Library
Areas of expertise:​

  • Mental health literacy

  • Social and emotional learning

  • Suicide prevention

  • Training Evaluation

  • Community-Based Action Research

  • Participatory Evaluation

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Adolescent mental health challenge or crisis

  • Parent/Caregiver Mental Health Education

  • Suicide assessment and management for mental health professionals

  • Self-care and community care

  • Managing stress and preventing burnout

  • Resilience promotion

  • Mental Health Advocacy

  • Trauma-informed teaching

  • Creating safe and supportive learning environments

  • Building culturally responsive and inclusive environments.

  • Trauma-informed and resilience promotion in schools and classrooms

  • Trauma-informed and resilience promotion in workplaces

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