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Participatory Evaluation 

Are you planning a social justice-focused initiative and want total community buy-in?  Seeking to understand an issue from the young people in your community’s perspective? Ready to tackle a major community challenge such as mental health stigma and not sure where to begin?  Let the Mental Health and Resilience Group guide you in creating a process where all voices can be heard.  The group specializes in strategies to engage stakeholders using creative means such as Photovoice and digital storytelling.

Participatory Evaluation Services

Participatory evaluation involves all the stakeholders in a project - those directly affected by it or by carrying it out - in contributing to the understanding of it, and in applying that understanding to the improvement of the work.

Participatory evaluation is more than asking stakeholders to take part. Involving everyone affected changes the whole nature of a project from something done for a group of people or a community to a partnership between the beneficiaries and the project implementers. Rather than powerless people who are acted on, beneficiaries become the copilots of a project, making sure that their real needs and those of the community are recognized and addressed. 


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