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Training Evaluation

Training evaluation is the systematic process of collecting information and using that information to improve your training. Evaluation provides feedback to help you identify if your training achieved your intended outcomes, and helps you make decisions about future trainings. Let us help you better understand and demonstrate the impact that your training initiatives are having on students, teachers, your workforce, or community.

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Evaluation is the final phase in the training development process. While it is ideal to think about your evaluation plan early in the training process, it doesn’t always happen. The Mental Health & Resilience Group can help you wherever you are in the evaluation process. Are you trying to assess what your training needs are? Are you creating new training and want to get initial reactions from employees? Do you have an existing training that you have been implementing for years but need data to justify effectiveness? 

The Mental Health & Resilience Group can help you identify your evaluation purpose, consider who will use the findings, help you figure out how to make the findings relevant and actionable for you and your stakeholders. You may want to use the data to:

  • Develop a new training

  • Improve an existing training

  • Provide instructor feedback

  • Determine if your training met the desired outcomes

  • Make decisions about resource allocation

The Mental Health & Resilience Group can help you measure not only processes —things like the content, format, and delivery of the training but also outcomes – things like changes in learning, confidence, attitudes, or behaviors that result from the training.

The Mental Health & Resilience Group can help you create a comprehensive evaluation plan. The group can help you develop a logic model and custom tools to collect the data you need from tests or quizzes, surveys or questionnaires, observation guides, expert panels, or interviews and focus groups. The group can also help guide in collecting data, analysis, and creating custom reports, white papers, or presentations to make the evaluation data user-friendly and actionable.

Contact us to get started, wherever you are in the process!

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